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Consented cabin information for your SheShed

If you're considering a SheShed cabin for your personal haven in New Zealand, understanding council consent regulations is crucial. The good news is that these rules are consistent across all regions of Aotearoa.

At SheShed, we're here to support you in your navigating of these regulations seamlessly. Whether you're in the scenic landscapes of Waikato or the coastal beauty of Tauranga, rest assured that the process remains the same.

Our team can provide guidance on whether your cabin might require council approval, with many of our designs exempt from the need for consent altogether.

Explore our range of cabins and start planning your sanctuary today, knowing that the rules are consistent no matter where you are in New Zealand.

Click here to explore the government consent web page

SheShed Customer Fit-outs

At SheShed, we’ve had many customers create stunning sanctuaries, some even including bathrooms.
While we recommend adhering to the local rules, here are examples of what our customers have achieved:

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Key Factors to Consider:

Some important factors to consider when determining whether your cabin needs council approval include:

  1. Size of your Cabin: The size of your SheShed cabin is a significant factor influencing the need for council consent.
  2. Distance from boundary: Regulations may vary based on how far your cabin is situated from the property boundary, and how high it is.
  3. Plumbing: If your SheShed includes plumbed facilities, additional regulations may apply.
  4. Height of your cabin: There are specific height restrictions for structures, so it’s crucial to be aware of these limits.
  5. Number of Dwellings/SheSheds: The total number of structures on your property may impact council consent requirements.
  6. Urban or Rural Zone: Whether your property is in a suburban or rural zone can influence the regulations you need to follow.
  7. Purpose of use: In many areas, what you are using your cabin for can affect whether you need an approval or not.

SheShed Katoomba Brook River Display Cabin

Step into the cozy charm of our Brook River Display cabin at the SheShed Showroom and office in Katoomba. This display wonderfully showcases how a SheShed can effortlessly become a versatile, multi-zone living space.

Contact SheShed: For any inquiries regarding whether your SheShed cabin may need council consent in New Zealand, reach out to our expert team at 0800 626 500.

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