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Granny Flat Kitsets

Since 2016 SheShed has supplied hundreds of our smart, prefab granny flat kitsets around NZ. As a cost-effective way to add extra accommodation space in your backyard, these shed house kitscan’t be beaten. Whether for a grandparent or just extra room, our stylish timber granny flats tick all the boxes of comfort, durability, ease of assembly and price.

Our range of granny flat kits can be easily DIY assembled and finished by most handy people, but we also have trusted builders across New Zealand to take care of construction for you. We deliver NZ-wide. Explore our collection of ttiny prefab homes New Zealand wide and easily set up a granny flat cabin for family visits or an off-grid tiny house for a getaway within nature that supports sustainable living.

Why Our Prefab Granny Flat Kitsets are The Perfect Choice For Your Backyard:

  • Stylish designs to blend with your home or add a contrasting touch
  • Quality pressure-treated European timber for stability and durability
  • Our granny flats are super cosy all year round with insulation options to suit all climates
  • Fast delivery and installation (DIY or use our recommended builders) to have your granny flat built sooner
  • Very affordable thanks to smart kitset design, flat pack shipping and prefab construction

Build a Kit-Based Granny Flat and You’ll Enjoy Having Your Family Staying for Longer.

Enjoy those family moments

Having family so close by you’ll be spending time together whenever you want.

Keep your Privacy

The family can move into the granny flat instead of crowding out the house.

A place for everyone

Family tensions will be avoided when everyone has a place of their own.

Granny Flats: A Blend of Comfort and Style

Granny flats in New Zealand are redefining the concept of comfortable and compact living. These cabins, designed to fit in your backyard, offer a perfect balance of privacy and proximity for extended family. With various designs, granny flats are an ideal solution for extra living space, combining style with functionality.

Stylish expansions of your living space, a granny flat cabin can be customised to match your home’s design or to offer a pop of colour in your outdoor space. With options like backyard bar shed kits or choices from our shed pool house ideas, tailor your granny flats to suit any lifestyle or need, from a tranquil retreat to a bustling entertainment area. Take inspiration from our shed setup ideas and create your dream space.

DIY or Professional Assembly with Our Granny Flats

Kitset granny flats in New Zealand provide a unique opportunity for DIY enthusiasts or a quick build for those preferring professional assembly. These flat packs come with everything needed for setup and easy-to-follow instructions, making them an efficient and satisfying project. Whether you assemble them yourself or use professional services, these granny flats are known for their ease of installation and quality finish.

Granny Flat Cabin: A Touch of Elegance for Your Home

A granny flat cabin adds a touch of elegance to any property. This timber garden shed, crafted from quality timber, blends seamlessly with garden landscapes. They offer a cosy yet modern living space, perfect as a guest house when the in-laws visit. The charm of a granny flat cabin lies in its ability to provide comfort and sophistication in a compact form.

Why Buy a Granny Flat?

Deciding to buy a granny flat is an investment in versatility and functionality. These structures can double as a home office, a pool filter shed, and a rental space like a prefab Airbnb. The flexibility of granny flats makes them a wise choice for those looking to add value and utility to their property.

Granny Flat Homes: Compact Living with Modern Amenities

Granny flat homes are designed to offer all the facilities of a regular home in a compact space. These flats can include a full kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedroom, making them fully functional living spaces. Their design is smart and space-efficient, offering a comfortable living solution that doesn’t compromise amenities.

Bedroom set up in a granny flat kitset
inside a prefab granny flat
a kitset granny flat in nz
a flat pack granny flat kit

Build a kit-based granny flat and you’ll enjoy having your family staying for longer.

Enjoy those family moments
Having family so close by you’ll be spending time together whenever you want.

Keep your Privacy
Family can move into the granny flat instead of crowding out the house.

A place for everyone
Family tensions will be avoided when everyone has a place of their own.

Create a stylish granny flat your family will love with a SheShed kitset cabin.

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