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Welcome to the SheShed Learning Hub! Our goal is that this will become your one-stop-shop to find out everything you need to know about buying, building, and owning a wooden kitset cabin. We're constantly adding new useful information here, but if you can't find something you need, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of shed consultants: Click here to contact us.

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All About Untreated and Treated Timber with SheShed

At SheShed we supply our cabins in either treated or untreated timber (and sometimes both options) – both of which have strong characteristics of durability and stability as they are…

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What You Need to Know About Adding Solar to Your SheShed

Adding solar power to your SheShed is a clever choice for providing low-cost renewable energy to your kitset shed for the next twenty-plus years. Solar is low maintenance, generates no…

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How To Add Power To Your SheShed Cabin.

If you're just starting to build your SheShed cabin kitset or have been using it for a while and want to add power, this blog post is for you. Power…

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Weatherproofing Your Timber Cabin 

If you've just built yourself a beautiful timber cabin, the last thing you want is for it to be ruined by the weather… We want your cabin to last for…

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What You Need to Know Before Painting Your She Shed Black

Do you love the modern look of Mark & Loni’s Star Cabin from Adore Magazine, but are not sure how the black paint will hold up over time on your…

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What is the Pressure Treatment?

Our Pressure Treatment innovation gives the wood an optimal lifespan whilst retaining the excellent natural properties of the traditional wood benefits.

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How to Use a SheShed for Your Beauty/Health Business

A She Shed is a great way to bring your beauty/health business home. Stop paying high rents and bring your customers to a beautiful, peaceful location that’s all yours. Working…

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What Accessories Can You Fit on a SheShed?

Your SheShed cabin is built and now it’s time to add all those accessories to make it unique and special to you. We have put together a few ideas to…

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Should I Buy a Plastic/Resin, Metal or Wooden Shed?

Do you go Resin, Metal or Wood? There are pros and cons for each and at the end of the day the choice is yours. Here are a few of…

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Do I need council approval or building consent in NZ?

Whenever you want to build or add to your property, it always seems there is a minefield of what you can or can’t do with regard to council regulations.

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Do I need council approval for building in New South Wales?

SheShed kitsets are pre-approved as Class 10A non-habitable sheds that can be exempt from requiring development consent when building in most areas of NSW as long as you follow some…

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