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Fly Free: Simple Flyscreen Upgrades for SheShed Cabins

Adding flyscreens to your SheShed cabin is a fantastic way to enhance comfort by keeping out insects while letting in fresh air. While our cabins offer a few different types of window and doors to optimise style, function, and aesthetic, you can be assured that there are effective solutions available for each type, so you can enjoy your cabin bug-free! Here's a practical guide on how to equip your SheShed with the appropriate flyscreens.

In this blog, we will explore our three opening window types:

Top HungCasementTilt and TurnRetractable Door Fly Screens •

Top Hung Windows

Top hung windows feature in a number of our SheShed cabins and are appreciated for their ability to open outward from the bottom, which provides excellent ventilation and protection from rain. Their unobtrusive design maximises natural light and enhances the cabin's aesthetic appeal.

Step 1 – Install a Window Winders

For top hung windows, the most effective solution is replacing the standard hardware with a window winder. This allows for easy opening while ensuring that the screen remains fixed and unobtrusive. We recommend using a lockable window winder which are widely available at most hardware stores.

Step 2 – Install a Fixed Flyscreen

Installing a fixed flyscreen on the inside of the window frame will keep those pesky bugs out while allowing you to enjoy the breeze.

For guidance on installing your screen, please speak with your chosen supplier.

Casement Windows

Casement windows, with their outward-swinging design and centred latch hardware, can present a few challenges when it comes to adding a traditional fixed flyscreen. However, there's no need to worry as there are a few effective methods to ensure that your space remains bug-free while maintaining the functional elegance of these windows. Whether you prefer to DIY or a professionally installed solution, there are adaptable and user-friendly options available to seamlessly integrate flyscreens with your casement windows.

Option 1: Handle in the Middle

For casement windows with a central handle, consider installing external magnetic catches. These catches can hold the window open at your desired angle and allow for the use of either a retractable or magnetic flyscreen.

The screen can be easily peeled away when you need to open/close or adjust the window. This method ensures that the screen doesn’t hinder window operation.

Option 2: For Large Casement Windows or Doors

For larger casement windows like those in our Brook River Log Cabin and Lake Cabin, avoid installing the traditional brass fixture at the bottom of the window, typically used to hold the window open, as it can obstruct the flyscreen.

For these windows, or for doorways, opt for retractable or magnetic screens that provide flexibility and easy access.

These screens are especially useful as they can be custom fitted and discreetly blend into the cabin's aesthetic.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows in SheShed cabins are a fantastic choice for those looking to combine style with functionality. These windows feature a dual-function mechanism that allows them to open inwardly from the top for secure ventilation or from the side like a door for full access. This design not only enhances security and facilitates easy cleaning but also offers adjustable ventilation and improved energy efficiency. This design also ensures that installing flyscreens does not interfere with the operation of the windows, preserving the ease of use and aesthetics.

Here’s some guidance on how to integrate flyscreens with your tilt and turn windows, enhancing your cabin’s comfort and functionality without compromising on design.

Step 1: Measure and Select Your Flyscreen

Accurately measure the exterior of the window frame where the flyscreen will attach and then select a traditional frame flyscreen that matches the exterior aesthetics of your cabin and fits the measured dimensions.

Step 2: Install the Flyscreen

Attach the flyscreen directly to the exterior of the window frame using simple tools, ensuring that it's secure and flush against the frame to prevent any gaps.

Retractable Door Fly Screen

Adding retractable fly screens to the doors of your SheShed cabin is a smart and stylish solution for keeping pesky bugs at bay without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your space. These retractable screens seamlessly blend in with your cabin's design, offering a discreet barrier against insects while allowing fresh air to flow freely.

By consulting with fly screen specialists, you can ensure that the screens are custom-measured and professionally installed to perfectly fit your cabin's doors. This expert support not only guarantees a sleek and functional addition to your SheShed but also provides peace of mind knowing that your retreat remains bug-free and comfortable throughout the seasons. Embrace the beauty of the outdoors without the nuisance of unwanted guests with retractable fly screens tailored to your SheShed's unique style and dimensions.

Adding flyscreens to your SheShed cabin is not only possible; it's a smart way to enhance your enjoyment and usability of the space. Whether you opt for a fixed, magnetic, or retractable screen, each solution offers its own benefits and can be tailored to fit the unique window styles of your cabin. So go ahead and open your windows to the fresh air, without inviting the insects to the party!

Now the bugs are sorted, it's time to choose your favourite SheShed!

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