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Home Office or Guest Bedroom - What’s Your Shed Style? 

Are you looking for a serene and calming retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? For work, play or to rest a SheShed can be like having your own personal oasis right in your backyard. We have the kitsets, all you need to decide on is how to style!  

Whether it’s turning it into a home office or giving it the luxe treatment as a guest retreat, designing an inviting space will give you endless possibilities. A cozy backyard guest house or a modern work from home detached studio office, or both?

Next week we have a special giveaway coming up to help you kit out your cabin interior. We can't wait to share more soon. Until then, get inspired now with ideas on how to style your Home Office or Guest House below.  


Creating an inspiring workspace is the key to staying focused and productive while living the WFH life. Cue: The Home Office Studio! A SheShed Cabin studio set up that prioritizes comfort, organization and aesthetics will have you feeling more motivated, focused and ready to take your business to the next level in 2023. Get rid of the long commutes and distractions, walk down the pathway to your own private backyard studio space.  

Essential Styling Items for your Home Office Studio: 
  • Pick a quite light filled space to work.  
  • A comfortable chair to work from. 
  • Stay organised – have a space for everything, keep a diary to keep goals and plan your week in advance. 
  • Be inspired – artwork, a moodboard, candles or beautiful garden views? Being visually inspired helps enhance creativity. 
  • Stay hydrated – keep a bottle of water nearby and coffee machine for those midmorning caffeine hits. 
  • Good lighting on those gloomy grey days – whether it is large windows with natural light, a table lamp, hanging pendant or downlights. Great lighting is also an essential for Zoom meetings. 
  • Plants and fresh flowers – Helps reduce stress and anxiety. Increases productivity and cognition by 15% 
  • And of course, the latest technology! Keeping up to date on the best programs and apps for working remotely. A couple of our favourites are; AsanaNotionMila NoteDropboxLaterHeadwayLightroom Mobile


No space left in the house for guests? Create your own tranquil guest retreat in your backyard with a SheShed cabin. Whether it's a cosy space for when friends or family come to stay or a poolside retreat to relax out of the sun. A dreamy place to rest from the hustle or turn your garden into a picturesque airbnb retreat! 

Essential Styling Items for your Backyard Guest House: 

  • Queen Bed or Bunks, depending on how many guests you would like to stay. Our Star Cabin and Tussock will comfortably fit a Queen Bed, and if you would like more room our larger kitsets will also fit another queen or bunks as well.  
  • Beautiful Linens in neutral tones or a restful place to sleep. Want to add a little colour? Do this with cushions and throws. The calmest palette, is always soft earthy neutrals and whites.  
  •  Bedside Table or Drawers – to store books or a table lamp.  
  • Occasional Chair – To relax and soak in the peaceful serenity of your garden retreat. Cosy up with a book, or simply sit and listen to the bird song. 
  • Hooks to hang towels or clothing. These small feature hooks can be the perfect spot to hang bath towels when using a shared bathroom or beach towels if you are close to the ocean. A must especially for a poolside cabin! 
  • Choose some beautiful artwork for the wall, keeping with your tranquil retreat and soft earthy tones. Why not make it personal with a local piece of art or landscape portrait of the area.  
  • Soft sheer curtains – beautiful sunlight streaming through. Sheers create a dreamy resort feel as well as add privacy.  
  • A small heat pump or air-conditioning. The Nordic Spruce timber from the SheShed cabins does have some natural insulation to regulate the heat, but if you live in a very hot or very cold climate, you might like to make your guests a little more comfortable with a controllable air unit.
Tiny kitset sleepout cabin in black

Bring your backyard dreams to life with a SheShed Cabin — the perfect solution for creating extra space and a peaceful retreat or workspace. With our selection of kitset cabin sizes and options, there’s something that is guaranteed to fit your needs (and budget!).   

Want to know more? Give us a call or book a Zoom Tour. Our team are always ready to help – so don't hesitate in getting in touch today!  

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