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A School Holiday Adventure

We’re preparing for another round of school holidays that are unlike any in the years before. There’s no popping across the ditch or over to the Islands. Restrictions on traveling within our own country come and go too, and if we’re being honest, we’re all a bit sick of being stuck at home. But you can still have a special school break with a school holiday staycation!

A SheShed School Holiday Staycation

We frequently talk about what a great escape a She Shed is for adults. For crafts, hobbies, work spaces and a sneaky glass of Merlot. But a She Shed is a perfect escape for kids too.

A Backyard Sleepout

We were inspired by this beautiful shed makeover by the Freling-Brown family in the USA and knew the same could be achieved in one of our She Sheds.

SheShed Cabin Bunk inspiration

The wall height of our SheShed Star and Cabana cabins is 2150mm, with a further 650mm to the apex of the roof (2800mm). A set of bunks like this set from Harvey Norman, or these from Big Save Furniture are both below 1580mm which will give them (and your kids) heaps of space! The extra space and additional bunk beds will make sleepovers that much more fun, and easier!

bunk beds in a sleepout nz

Extra Hangout Space

A She Shed is perfect if what you really need is extra space. If the kids are home from school, and you’re still working from home, space can very quickly become limited. A She Shed can extend your living spaces. Add a tv, book shelves, or just couches and you’ve given your family an extra living space.

GLAMPING FUN: If you want something less permanent than a set of bunks, use air mattresses instead.

Add some string lighting, drape some sheets from the roof, then add a brazier outside for roasting marshmallows and you’ve created the ultimate glamping experience. The best thing is that once the school holidays are over, you can convert the She Shed back into a home office, business or whatever your imagination thinks of next!

A Backyard Cinema

How many teenagers can say they have their own backyard cinema? While our 3m x 3m She Shed would fit the bill, one of our 3m x 4m sheds, the Cabana or the Ranch are the perfect size for a backyard cinema!

Style with some thick, dark red curtains and your favourite movie posters, add a couple of big recliners, or smaller cinema style seating, and of course a lolly buffet & popcorn for a cozy backyard cinema. Hook up a playstation or Xbox and you’ll have the best gaming room on the block!

Order now for a School Holiday delivery – it could be a great family project!

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