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Designing Beautiful Spaces With Interior Designer She Creates Co 

Using her creative design skills to make dreams into reality, Residential and Commercial Interior Designer Nicola from She Creates Co, has worked with many small businesses, and home owners bringing their vision to life. Taking modern concepts and transforming each space into beautifully considered, functional spaces with her signature high-end modern coastal aesthetic.  

We caught up with Nicola to ask her more about her knowledge of designing dreamy spaces from retail stores, hair salon cabins, beach houses and tiny homes, (including her own Airbnb retreat The Pink Bungalow in Brisbane). Nicola also shares some of her expert tips on how to style small spaces and where to start if you are looking to build a dream business from home.  

We first got to know Nicola – the Interior Designer behind Waves Hair Salon in Brisbane, turning our Cabana kitset cabin into a luxe Mediterranean dream! Tell us a little bit about this project and working with Lisa’s SheShed Cabin?   

Lisa had a dream and was willing to do what she could to get there and that included investing in an Interior Designer to ensure her vision was brought to life. I was so excited when Lisa reached out to us and couldn't wait to see what magic we would be able to create with the SheShed. 

What were your favourite details from Waves?  

I love the feel of the space which is thanks to the colours and the special details in all the finishes, the curved shelves, counter etc. 

Did you struggle fitting all of those gorgeous details into the small space?   

 Surprisingly no, we had a lot to fit in there but it all seemed to work together effortlessly. We love a space challenge and find that when working with a smaller space you need to be smart about what you have on the floor space and really utilise the height of your walls also. 

Tell us a little bit more about She Creates Co and what it is that you do...   

 She is a multi facet Creative Studio that specialises in Interior Design, we create spaces that take your life or/and business to higher places. Our spaces are designed to truly set you and your life up for success. We are so passionate about creating beautiful spaces that not only look amazing but feel amazing and that operate with absolute ease which in turn provides a beautiful life for the person using the space. Complimentary to Interior Design we also offer photography and we have two photoshoot locations where both our Interior Design & photography collides, The Little White House & The Pink Bungalow. 

What sparked your passion for styling and design?   

 I have always been magnetically drawn to the magic of Interior Design and the impact it can have on your emotional wellbeing. As a little girl I would rearrange the furniture in my family home, in year 6 I wrote on my graduation papers 'When I grow up I want to be an Interior Designer', it was always a calling for me and so I followed that and studied Interior Design as soon as I left school and went out to work in the Industry. Mix this passion for Interior Design in with my passion for Business and here we are!  

Where do you get your inspiration from for each project?   

Everywhere! My crazy ideas often come to me in stillness, when I am walking out in nature, listening to music. For every project we do though, we do love to get inspired by going ham on Pinterest!  

Do you have any tips for someone wanting to build their dream business from home?   

For a business space, it is important to be clear on your business goals, dreams & aspirations to ensure the space you create is aligned with this and will be your vehicle to get you there! I make sure when working with clients on their business spaces that I have a clear understanding on where they want to be, not just now but in 5, 10 years time also. It is important that we create long term solutions that will stand the test of time and that also aren't just 'on trend' and will easily date. We love to ensure we are using a style that is uniquely you and not just going to date within the year. 

We are always getting asked about exterior colours for our cabins. Have you noticed any paint colour trends at the moment?   

 I wouldn't call this one a trend as I think it is a timeless colour but you can not go wrong with white! Especially on the SheShed cabins as it looks like that beautiful timeless weatherboard. With business spaces though, we can go bold and unique! So why not have a bit of fun and do a block colour that aligns with your branding colour? 

What are your top 3 tips for styling a small space?   

  •  Use the height of your walls! There is limited floor space, so create more space for storage etc. on your walls! 
  • Mirrors! Mirrors help to open up any space and tricks the eye into believing it is bigger than it actually is, it also reflects natural light back into the space, virtually acting as another window. 
  • Function first so form can follow - The most important part of design is function and this is the most vital planning point in small space planning. Make sure the functional items are planned before anything else and that the space is going to perform at its best, then you make it look good! 

What's next? Any exciting plans coming up for She Creates Co?   

 Where to start! In the new year you will see us expanding up onto the Sunshine coast, we also have a homewares store & line launching soon and we will be looking to bring out some more digital offerings so we can be more accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

And last but not least, if someone would like to get you to design their SheShed cabin fit out, where can they find you?  

We would love to design some more beautiful SheShed cabins! You can get a free quote from us by getting in touch with us via the details below;  Email. 


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