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Landscaping Ideas - After You Have Built Your SheShed

So you have your fantastic SheShed beautifully finished on your property, and now it is time to jazz it up with a bit of landscaping. Where do you start and what do you choose? This blog will go over some key things to consider, so you can get planting with the perfect vision in mind!

- Native Plants -

Considering native plants is an easy place to start and they are a great way to save money and time. These plants are already climatized to grow in your region without a worry and will last in the long run with very little maintenance. Being on home soil will mean they will also need less water than other gardens, making them the perfect choice for busy households. Depending on the look you are going for, there is a native plant for almost every style, theme and climate!


New Zealand has a wonderful array of native plants that are not only suited to the unique local ecosystem, but also very sustainable too. They are great for attracting birdlife, so you might run into the odd Tui or Fantail every now and then!

For the ideal preparation before planting, we suggest you apply a 5 centimeter thick layer of compost or organic material around plants in late winter and again in mid-summer to ensure roots stay cool and moist. Regular feeding is not really a requirement for native plants, but you cannot go wrong with a top up of Blood and Bone or Sheep Manure Pellets applied in late winter and again in mid-summer.

We suggest drawing out a plan of where you would ideally like the plants to be around your SheShed and then begin exploring with all the different textures available. You could try and contrast plants to make things interesting - such as pairing Dwarf Pittosporum balls with beautiful native grasses, or the Harakeke flax to add a bit of structure. Layering this with a bit of colour with Purple Coprosma or the Hebe Oratia Beauty will really make the space striking and beautiful to not only look at, but also be in.

One of our favourite combinations is using the Nīkau Palm Tree with the iconic Ponga (Silver Fern Tree), and Renga Renga for that tropical oasis look all year round!

- Decking, Lawns, Bark & Rocks -

After choosing your desired plants, sometimes adding a layer of decking, lawns, bark or rocks can really finish off the desired look and ambience around your SheShed. Here are some of our suggestions around what you can do to suit your area and requirements:


Adding decking can add extra usability to your SheShed Cabin and helps to create a very welcoming entrance too. There are many options and looks to choose from as well, including wooden decking, concrete, composite decking and even aluminum. Built right, a deck will not only look great, but will last years alongside your SheShed.


There is just something so refreshing and welcoming about lush, green lawn! Lawn is a very easy and cost effective way to cover ground around your SheShed, just so long as the timber of the cabin is protected from it - no wooden structure should be in direct contact with lawn grass. Lawn also gives a clean and crisp finish to the area around your SheShed if you like the simpler look.


Bark is a fantastic way to add a bit of charm to your garden, especially with your chosen plants nestled in between. It is a great way to cover some areas that you don't want to maintain or weed either.

Many people love bark because it is great for moisture retention, so it helps your plants to grow and thrive. It’s also available in various shapes, forms, colours and types to suit the look of your landscaping plan while also helping with drainage and weed reduction.

Rocks and Stones:

There are so many different types of rocks and stones to choose from! You can go for a bit of a coastal look with some river rocks and pavers, or can being your colourful planting choices to life with some smaller pebble like stones. Not only are stones are attractive, with the help of a weed mat, they can help with keeping weeds down too.

Rocks and stones are also really handy for gardens with succulents and cacti and provide a great water drainage system. They will not blow away in the wind and will also not pose a fire hazard.

Potted Outdoor Plants

Finally, potted outdoor plants can be added to the mix to give a bit of striking contrast and a homely look to your SheShed. There are many potted plants to choose from to suit your theme, and they look best when you combine them with plants that have different growing habits.

Planters look best when you combine plants that have these three different growing habits: Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers.

  • Thrillers: these plants have a strong upright growing habit and are usually the visual centerpiece. You can even provide a support structure and use a climbing vine as your thriller. When you choose your ideal thriller, consider the size of the pot you will use: smaller, shallow pots will not support much thriller height, while larger pots will.

  • Fillers: these are mid range create plants for the middle level. – plants such as grasses, petunias and begonias make great fillers. The purpose of a filler is to add a textural contrast or colorful counterpoint. They may be similar to the thriller plant, but not as big, bright or dramatic. Some people also use a filler as a soft round leaved contrast to a spiky thriller. Fillers are essentially designed to fill up the pot while embracing the thriller. They can also often be used to hide the bare trunks, stems or stalks of the thriller plant.

  • Spillers: these plants are great for anchoring the pot and are smaller, cascading plants that soften the pot edge with a "spill" of growth. The main purpose of a spiller is to sprawl over the side of the container, and tumble down toward the ground. This makes the pot look rooted in its place as the plant touches the earth. You can be playful with your chosen spiller plant by either choosing that contrasts against, or matches the other surrounding plants. They bring the whole look together and also merge a connection between the thriller and filler plants.

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