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Our Favourite 5 SheShed Customer Home-Offices

With the shift toward more people working from home since Covid-19, we have seen so many SheShed customers create beautiful home offices inside our wooden cabins.

In a fast-paced world filled with distractions, having a dedicated space to focus, create, and unwind is essential. We love seeing people create serene escape for productivity and creativity inside our kitset cabins; here we explore our current 5 favourites!

Contemporary French Country Haven

Step into the enchanting world of the French countryside with the contemporary French country haven SheShed home office. Housed inside one of our Star Deluxe Cabins, this charming retreat captures the essence of rustic elegance and brings the warmth of Provencal living right into your backyard. Soft pastel hues of cream, and lavender blues create a soothing ambiance that immediately puts you at ease. Upon entering, you’ll find a delightful blend of vintage and contemporary elements. The interior boasts large wooden beams on the ceiling that run the 6-meter length of the cabin, and hardwood floors, giving the space a cosy, farmhouse feel. Distressed furniture pieces, such as an antique writing desk and vintage chairs, further add to the timeless attraction of the French countryside.

French country décor is all about capturing the natural beauty of the outdoors, while contemporary style captures clean lines, and subtle sophistication; and this SheShed does not disappoint. Large windows draped in fairy lights allow soft, natural sunlight to fill the room, creating an airy atmosphere that would be softly lit when night falls. Touches of Provencal patterns and fabrics are scattered throughout the place from a geometrical rug and cushion to another soft floral rug, infusing the space with a blend of Contemporary and French Country Charm. The Contemporary French Country Haven Home Office is more than a workspace; it’s a sanctuary of inspiration and creativity. Whether you’re working on a project, journaling your thoughts, or simply daydreaming, this SheShed offers a peaceful escape that transports you to the idyllic countryside of Provence.

The Classic and Timeless Retreat

Situated at the far end of this grand backyard, this Classically styled SheShed home office stands in one of our Brook River Cabins as a timeless retreat for those who appreciate elegance and sophistication.
Step inside to find rich wooden treated tones of our beautiful Nordic Spruce flooring and walls exuding warmth and refinement. This home office offers everything you need, doused in natural light with grand windows. A simple and large wooden corner desk brings practicality and an aspect of modern elegance, while white cabinetry with wooden bench tops create a small kitchenette at the other end of the cabin. The lightness of the cabinetry contrasts with the dark soft furnishings of a black sofa and office chair, bringing a sense of definition and distinction.

This classic and timeless home office retreat is a serene sanctuary that fosters creativity and provides a cosy escape from modern distractions. It is not just a workspace; it is a place of inspiration and intellectual contemplation, where ideas flow freely, and you can delve into your work with focus and dedication surrounded by the timeless allure of classic design.

Black Barn Home Office

For those who appreciate clean lines and contemporary design, the "Black Barn" SheShed home office is the perfect choice. With sleek furniture, monochromatic colour schemes, and smart storage solutions, this space exudes simplicity and elegance. The absence of clutter creates a sense of focus, while simple and quirky ornaments add a sense of playfulness, making it an ideal place to channel your creative energies. Standing out amidst the greenery of this beautifully landscaped backyard, this eye-catching retreat is the epitome of style and functionality inside one of our Star Cabins. The exterior of the shed showcases a minimalist black barn aesthetic, with clean lines and dark stained wood, Large Windows on the French doors and a window on the side of the structure allow an abundance of natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and inviting workspace.  

The centerpiece of this contemporary "Black Barn" SheShed home office is a sleek black writing desk with minimalistic details. An ergonomic chair complements the desk, providing a comfortable and supportive space for long hours of work. Modern black shelving units line the walls displaying plants, books and stylish décor pieces. The monochromatic colour scheme is softened with accents of green from soft furnishings, ornaments and indoor plants, creating a refreshing contrast that brings life to the space. To maintain a clutter-free environment, smart storage solutions are seamlessly integrated into the design. Floating shelves and cabinets keep essentials neatly organised, allowing for a seamless and distraction-free workflow. The "Black Barn" SheShed home office is not just a place to work; it’s a statement piece that reflects contemporary taste and appreciation for functionality. As you immerse yourself in the calm and inspiring atmosphere, you’ll find that this SheShed effortlessly balances modern sophistication with the serenity of nature.

Country Farmhouse Studio

Welcome to the Country Style SheShed Home Office – a haven of rustic charm and down-to-earth simplicity inside one of our Star Cabins. This inviting retreat embraces the beauty of the countryside, offering a cozy and inspiring space to work and unwind. Imagine working surrounded by natures beauty, where the soft rustling of leaves and the gentle chirping of birds replace the hum of traffic. This SheShed Home Office blends seamlessly with its surroundings, featuring a large window and windowed French doors that invite the comforting flow of natural light.  Decorated with earthy tones, potted plants, and botanical fabrics, this nature-inspired haven brings the outdoors in, fostering a calm and clarifying atmosphere.

Step inside, and you’ll be enveloped by the warmth of natural wood and earthy tones. The interior features a sturdy farmhouse style desk stands proudly under the window, accompanied by a simple yet comfortable swivel chair. The desk’s surface is adorned with plant life and basic office essentials beckoning for creative ideas to be penned down. Country-style décor and quaint accessories complete the ambience. A wicker style chair with comfortable cushioning is a cosy reading nook that invites you to curl up with your favorite book, while a wooden ladder shelf and wall hung baskets display a great selection of reading to choose from. The Country Farmhouse home office offers a perfect blend of functionality and nostalgia. This retreat is a place where ideas flow freely, and inspiration is born from the simplicity and beauty of country living.

A Modern Bohemian Dream

Step into a realm of Modern Bohemian charm with this SheShed cabin home office adorned in vibrant colours, cosy textiles, and artistic wall hangings. Modern style furniture and eclectic decorations reflect the progressive boho spirit of this beautiful space that encourages free-spirited thinking. This captivating retreat is a modern bohemian dream, where creativity knows no bounds and imagination takes flight. This backyard home office serves as a whimsical sanctuary to spark your imagination. Hues of choral and turquoise blues splashed across decorative pieces, paintings and planters bring a sense of fun and creativity. The room is dressed in earthy toned natural wooden furniture pieces, a brown leather-look swivel chair, and a natural woven rattan rug and chair bring an organic touch.

The French doors are draped in soft, flowing white fabric, inviting you to come in, relax, and gather your thoughts. Cosy desk and chair nooks create perfect places for moments of contemplation and inspiration, ensuring comfort while you work on your creative pursuits. A desk and floor plant breathe life into the space, infusing the air with fresh energy and a bohemian jungle atmosphere. The white walls and mirror capture natural light and give the space a clean and spacious look and feel. The Modern Bohemian Style SheShed Home Office is a sanctuary of self-expression, where you can let your imagination run wild and embrace your unique artistic vision. This SheShed transcends the boundaries of traditional workspaces, allowing you to explore, create, and dream without inhibition.

Finding Your Inspiration

A SheShed Home Office is more than just a backyard structure; it’s a personal sanctuary designed to enhance your productivity, creativity, and well-being. Whether you prefer a nature-inspired haven, or a modern minimalist retreat, there’s a SheShed style to suit every taste and purpose. Embrace the serenity of your private oasis, and let it become the source of inspiration and motivation in your daily life. So, why wait? Build your SheShed Home Office and embark on a journey of self-discovery and accomplishment amidst the tranquility of your backyard retreat. Happy building and creating!

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graphic design and photography business run from a home office studio

Spotlight on Mark & Loni's Black Barn Home Office

Mark & Loni from Adore Magazine needed a home office. See how they transformed their backyard and created Mark’s ideal work space with a Star Cabin from SheShed!

Watch the included video to see a short tour of the build process and the interior design choices Mark and Loni made, for turning their 3m x 3m Star Cabin into this beautiful home office for Mark’s photography/videography business in Queensland, Australia.

SheShed Business Spotlight ~ Kismet Marketing

We are absolutely blown away by Wendy, who is a powerhouse businesswoman taking over the food and beverage sector. With over 20 years experience as a food and beverage, and tourism sector specialist, she has now opened up her very own business, Kismet Marketing. With this new venture, she aims to use her innovation, creativity and a little sprinkle of her proven genius to improve and revolutionize other businesses to make their vision come to life!
To help her get established, Wendy needed a dedicated and invigorating space where she could set up her headquarters right on her property. She selected a 3m x 3m Star Cabin from SheShed and has never looked back!

"It is never easy starting a new business venture, however kick starting it with an amazing purpose-built office, has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made."- Wendy V.

Backyard Offices & Garden Studios

Working from home is here to stay but it presents challenges without the right space. A dedicated backyard office is the perfect solution and our timber kits tick all the boxes of quality, style, comfort and price.

A garden office is a relaxing and comfortable place to work when it’s designed and finished to suit your needs and tastes. Our range of outdoor office kits can be easily DIY assembled and finished by most handy people but we also have trusted builders Australia-wide to take care of construction for you.

Why our backyard offices are the perfect choice for your garden
  • No council approval needed for most of our garden offices
  • Stylish designs to blend with your home or add a contrasting touch
  • Quality pressure-treated European timber for stability and durability
  • Our cabins are super cosy all year round with insulation options to suit all climates
  • Fast delivery and installation (DIY or use our recommended builders) to have you working from your outdoor office sooner
  • Very affordable thanks to smart design and prefab construction
working at home in a backyard studio office

How To Turn Your SheShed Cabin Into The Ultimate Backyard Office Inspired By Our Customers

Are you looking for an escape from the office grind? A place to focus on your work without distractions? A backyard office could be just what you need. In this blog post, we'll show you some of our favorite SheShed customers that have turned their cabins into the ultimate backyard office.  

Be inspired from what others have built, from different kitset sizes, paint colours, furniture selection, and more. That’s the wonderful thing about a SheShed flatpack cabin is you have the ability to build it however you like, match your home or get creative! So, whether you're a solopreneur or small business owner, read on to get some inspiration on how to create the perfect backyard oasis for working from home. 

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