A Coastal Cabin Destined For A Dreamy Landscape

Patries lives in the beautiful coastal town of Waikanae. She has a wonderful property looking out to the most picturesque green outlook, but she had a rather drab and worn out tin shed that did not allow her to make the most of her view. Ideally she needed something perfect to allow her to go down and enjoy her very own paradise escape, and this is where she decided to turn to SheShed to make her dream vision a reality!

She made plans and had detailed conversations with one of our New Zealand SheShed consultants as she had a tricky spot to build on - she was dealing with a slope and an existing retaining wall. This did not mean building the 4m x 3m Coastal Cabin would be an impossible feat, she just needed to add some sturdy piles, especially if she was going to add a spacious deck at the front to enjoy her lush outlook! After the builder had constructed the desired platform, Patries got her kitset SheShed delivered right onto her property so that it could be built exactly as she wanted on site!

Now Patries has a dreamy Coastal SheShed overlooking breathtaking views - and we can honestly say that we are a tad bit jealous and in awe of her gorgeous build:

"This is my retreat to help me enjoy my impending retirement after a very busy academic career. The ability to do my arty stuff, drawing, painting, making jewelry from driftwood will be so much better with a dedicated space where I can leave my projects and come back to them whenever I want. The beautiful view is going to be very inspiring and very peaceful for those days that I just want to relax and read a book. Having a comfy sofa bed is also a bonus for extra guests...or that afternoon snooze."

- Patries H.

We can see why she chose the 12sqm Coastal SheShed. This cabin design is inspired by beautiful ocean landscapes and has a very modern design with its sleek monopitch roofline. Measuring at 4 meters wide by 3 meters long, this cabin is perfect for someone like Patries, who needs a little extra space for her hobbies, rest and recreation. The Coastal Cabin It comes with 45mm thick walls and is fully double glazed, making it very warm and snug. What makes it cutting edge is the monopitch steel roof, as well as the new doors and windows, which are double-glazed to high standards. These new taller windows feature the new European-style tilt and turn opening system to allow for natural airflow circulation while keeping the weather out (the window can be either tilted inwards at the top for air circulation, or opened fully like a traditional casement window!). Now that Parties' cabin is painted, it looks stunning against the green landscape. You can see the Coastal Cabin benefits best in an area with a fantastic outlook and plenty of natural sunlight!

"I love how the shape and colour (Resene Woodrush) make a fairly significant dwelling sit very well in the environment, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. The thick wood, double glazing and insulation in the roof and under the floor make it very cozy. The heat pump is fabulous, I am looking forward to the summer where the cooling part will be very much appreciated. The small deck in front of the shed which gives it a feeling of being even more spacious. People comment mostly on the sturdy design of the shed, the amount of space and the fabulous view."

- Patries H.

"It was very important to choose a colour that made the shed "fade into the background". We chose Resene Woodrush and that really worked for us. I varnished the inside but painted the inside of the doors the same colour as the outside because that paint (Resene cool colour) is designed for darker paints to prevent them heating up too much in the sun and we will have those doors open most of the summer and the indoor varnish won't protect the doors to the same extent. because this needed to be a dual purpose shed: arty projects and reading/snoozing/extra bedroom, we choose a charcoal coloured sofa bed that is really easy to use, a sturdy desk and cabinet with drawers as the main pieces of furniture. As floor covering we choose heavy duty nylon floor tiles in charcoal and a luxurious colourful thick woolen hand woven Indian rug to add some visual warmth to the place."

- Patries H.

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