Jill's Countryside Lake Cabin Escape

Based in the beautiful and lush Marlborough region, New Zealand, Jill and her husband needed the perfect getaway cabin for guests who came to visit them at their picturesque countryside home. They had plenty of land along with stunning views- all they needed was a decent sleepout that would match both their main house and rural aesthetic. This is where they turned to SheShed and found the perfect fit with the 29 square metre Lake Cabin.

The Lake Cabin is a great SheShed choice for a guest house as it boasts a lot of space! It is the largest cabin from the SheShed range as it measures at 7 meters by 5 meters and has three distinct spaces that are separate from each other. This means guests can have two completely different wings and also have an extra sweet spot in the internal room too. For Jill and her husband, the Lake Cabin has now become a very welcoming oasis for guests that come to stay. It is a fantastic guest room too, as it is constructed with 44mm thick wood for warmth, and also features large double glazed casement windows, vented windows and French doors.

"[It is] a space for guests that is private and peaceful. The location we chose on our property gives you a clear view of the sky with no light pollution so we are thinking of installing a skylight above the bed."

- Jill C.

Jill has created the perfect mini home for her guests as she has made a comfortable living area with a makeshift kitchenette. She has also installed a beautiful bathroom with a compostable toilet, and has furnished a cosy bedroom with a queen sized bed. All in all, she has made a very comfortable spot for visitors, especially with the surrounding trees and surreal natural views!

In terms of her paint colours, Jill went for some great choices that, again match her main house so that the Lake Cabin looks very much like it belongs on the property. For the interior she has gone for a French Country themed colour scheme with Resene Half Thornton Cream and Resene Alabaster.

For the exterior, the feature colour is Resene Ash - a warm and classic choice that is contrasted with Resene Eighth Thornton Cream on the windows and eaves.

We are so pleased for Jill and her husband! They have done such a phenomenal job with their Lake SheShed .We are sure that their future guests will be immensely impressed when they next come to visit and stay in their very own self contained guest house!

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