Make Way For The Luxurious Ranch Getaway Escape!

Ever wanted a space for when the kids come back to visit from university every now and then, or an independent room away from your personal space when guests come to stay?

Based in Auckland, Kate and Adam needed something to make this need a reality so that they could have visitors and still maintain their own space at home. They had a look at the 12sqm Ranch SheShed Cabin and fell in love with its style, versatility and easy to order process.

Now they have a beautiful guest room that must be the envy of many nearby neighbours! We love the finish and how they have designed their 4m x 3m cabin to match the colour scheme of their home:

"The windows and doors mimic the main house and the colour scheme we chose enhances this. And it's a great size that fits perfectly into our garden."

- Adam W.

We are very impressed with this cabin build and are so excited for Adam and Kate as they begin making lots of wonderful memories with their SheShed! The attention to detail with the finish is beautiful, with a light and bright finish on the inside that contrasts with the grey on the outside. The extra finishes such as the light fixtures, drapes and furniture makes the new guest room very welcoming and homely. Adam and Kate even went the extra mile to make their cabin more functional and aesthetically pleasing too:

"We needed more space for our oldest son to study and sleep when he is visiting, and another room for guests to stay in. It's given us a lot more flexibility for family and friends.... We added slimline guttering and downpipes to cope with rain and plan to add a small tank at the back for the run-off to use for watering the garden. We extended an existing deck to help with access from our house and to blend in. We'll develop the garden with time to make our ranch cabin even more special"

- Adam W.

We are so pleased that this warm Ranch Cabin has become a key asset on Kate and Adam's property. We are sure future guests will absolutely fall in love with this stunning sleepout!

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