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Wendy is a very busy woman who is planning to make some new innovations in the food and beverage sector. She is motivated to create something new in a well established industry and is a huge advocate for new beginnings for businesses and organisations. To help her create her business headquarters, Wendy opted to build a nine square meter Star Cabin, where she can still be a savvy businesswoman from the comfort of her own garden oasis.

"With a home that is 120 years old, I needed an office that sat well within the environment of where it is positioned. The result is a building that is a perfect complement to my villa and in keeping with the rural/country aspect of my property. "

- Wendy V.

She has done quite a fabulous job with matching her SheShed to her property, and while it is separated from her main home, Wendy explains that her office is designed so that she can "work in an environment that fosters creativity and innovation."

"[My business] is all about new beginnings; vision and seeing a way forward as I work with ground-breaking businesses, and organisations in the Food & Beverage Sector. I have made my SheShed part of that journey as a mechanism for connecting my new company with the industry/sector and my network of businesses and individuals. It has become the ‘introduction’ to who I am and why I see what I do as being key to the growth of the F & B sector in NZ. It also gives those who I work with an insight into ‘me’ and how I see this new beginning and what my hopes are for the future. The first step was creating a dedicated office space where I could develop, design and deliver the projects I am working on that shape the NZ Food Story at a time when NZ businesses are looking for more creativity, passion, delivery, support and connection and my She Shed is that connector."

- Wendy V.

We are impressed with Wendy's pioneer like vision, and can see why she loves her special spot so much for her business! It turns out that it is not only her that loves her Star SheShed, but her visitors love it too:

"So many people (including the Rural Delivery Driver) have dropped in' to see it and have expressed their surprise at how well it connects with my house and the other building on my property; how attractive it is and how despite appearing small (and yet perfectly formed) on the outside, how spacious it is on the inside. My belief? EVERY girl deserves and should have a SheShed. And this beautiful little building is my happy place!"

Wendy V.

When asked about her experience with the SheShed team, Wendy talks about her process with sales consultant, Lizzie and what it was like to work with her from the beginning of her idea, to the very end, when she has her cabin constructed:

"From the time I walked into the office in Nelson and saw the Star Shed, I was hooked. It was love at first sight and as Lizzie (the sales consultant) welcomed me and answered my questions, I knew I had found what I was looking for in an office after researching other options on-line. She took me through the procedure in building it, the shipping method (and cost) at the same time asking me about my new business and where the SheShed would be placed. Questions about permits were discussed and what was immediately apparent was that this wasn’t just 'another sale'. Lizzie wanted me to understand the construction process, the delivery process and how I could personalise my SheShed to what I needed in an office. The contact continued once I was back in Auckland, and we confirmed delivery dates.

And it didn't stop there. The care that went into ensuring every step of the process was aimed at supporting the customer toward achieving what they were Looking for and what their vision was. Lizzie was professional, empathetic, knowledgeable and this has been the case with everyone I have dealt with in this process including when I needed to order a replacement door due to an issue and answering questions about the construction process as a group of friends and I built it. Nothing was too much trouble, and it just enhanced the feeling that you weren't just buying a kitset, you were part of the design, development and inception of your new SheShed. It was so easy and so rewarding. And I have told so many people about it that it has become a bit of a 'star' in our rural outpost"

- Wendy V.

We are so pleased that Wendy has aligned her incredible business ventures with a SheShed! She has styled her Star Cabin beautifully in her garden surroundings so she has a peaceful space to work - even though she is very busy with her clientele!

"Creating my new office has attracted a lot of attention and as a result, it has become a unique and highly visible tool and means to promote my new business. Passers-by, neighbours, friends and business owners have dropped in to see the construction process and, in doing so, have also asked about my new business as I have business contacts off shore. Having a business which is focused on innovation, the SheShed is the perfect complement to this."

- Wendy V.

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