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We love sharing your sheds in our Shed Spotlight. Glenda Hill-Baulch has turned her She Shed into a beautiful art space!

“I had been looking at sheds online for 2 years and then SheShed jumped out at me.

The shed is perfection. It gives me a space to spread all my art things out, rather than using the dining room! It also gives me privacy and space to be me. The shed is used for meditation, yoga, reading, listening to music and having a champagne or a cuppa with friends and family who visit. And it is peaceful, away from the busy life of raising 3 teenage boys and all the things associated with running a house. It gives me a break and a reset, something that I know is so important for well-being, both mental and physical!

We initially found after hours of searching on Google for a small art studio to build in our back yard. The website felt like what I was after, a shed that can be styled into an art studio come private space just for me, and with lots of charm! The She  Shed feels sturdy, strong and has a character all of its own. The warmth of the timber creates a “Swiss chalet” feel and everyone who visits says how quaint and charming it is.”

“My husband seemed to think that the foundations/floor was the trickiest part. The rest was like putting a jigsaw together and there were no nails needed for the walls, the planks just slotted into each other. During the days that the roof and tiles were being built, we had a most tremendous storm with rain and wind. The structure of the She Shed remained intact, but some of the tiles came off & needed to be replaced. There were extras put in the kit so this was no problem. My husband also built a little deck with the left over timber which just sets the shed off nicely.

Three and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. After treatment and surgery, I am one of the lucky ones, I am well and am here to tell my story!

I took up drawing mandalas as a way of focusing on the present moment. Then these drawings were used to print onto seeded paper, turned into cards which can be planted in the garden to grow into something new. It was like the cards reflected my life after cancer….NEW LIFE!

As a result, my little business was born: GlendalaArtDesigns.”

“I would highly recommend as it is the right sort of shed to build if you have had minimal experience building. My husband is not a carpenter but he found, generally speaking, the whole process doable. All you need is some creative juices and a will to complete it.

The support via email and phone was excellent, and when we came to a small hiccup, the SheShed team were very supportive and guided us through and helped us troubleshoot.

Thank you for changing my life!”

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