Holidays Are Everyday At Mark And Tracy's Poolside Cabin!

Imagine living in a gorgeous, warm location in New South Wales - surrounded by blissful trees and jaw dropping views overlooking the ocean. There is also a scrumptious outdoor entertaining area with a very welcoming swimming pool!

Mark and Tracy have the prefect outdoor space to pop open a bottle of wine and entertain friends, but they decided to take their space to the next level by adding a 9 square meter Star SheShed Cabin. Now there is an added holiday like ambience to the area, as well as extra usability too.

Tracy and Mark were inspired by the natural surroundings of their home, and decided to finish their Star cabin in a similar way:

"We have kept to a natural approach- 50/50 linseed and turps. The front deck having been built after has been stained with a Sikkens Light Oak. We decorated the inside with light furniture - minimalist but comfortable, with a treadmill to remind me it’s also for exercise not just wine!"

- Tracey P

We love how the natural coloured deck ties in well with the exterior trees and landscaping. The outdoor furniture and umbrella are also great additions to area, giving it a complete holiday look and getaway feel. What an incredible oasis to enjoy for many years to come! Tracy mentions she has one major regret:

"[We wish we] would’ve cleared more land and gone for the bigger SheShed!!!"

- Tracy P

We can definitely understand why she would feel this way - the way the SheShed is used is simply great! The inside of the cabin also has a lush feel with the choices of interior furniture and decoration - and the best part of it all is that the glimmering views of both the pool and the ocean can be enjoyed right from the cabin. Now that is a winning combination!

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