Working From Home With A Star Canopy SheShed

Nick and Alex are a busy couple based in Victoria. Like most of us, the Covid-19 lockdowns pushed us towards a new style of working - one that involved working from home and being more independent. While this is a refreshing way to carry out professional work, Nick and Alex needed a dedicated office spot that was away from the home so they could have a very clear work/life balance. Unfortunately for the small work desk in the bedroom, they turned to the stylish Star Canopy SheShed to solve their problem:

"Our new SheShed is an office for ourselves (Nick and Alex) to work from home. Alex will also use this space for recording the 3D printing broadcasts/podcasts she creates and for a couple of 3D printers... we absolutely love having this separate space for work."

- Nick R.

Nick and Alex have done an incredible job with their SheShed, especially considering they built it themselves with the help of Nick's father, who is a retired builder. Overall, they are proud of their "successful and even fun experience," which has led them to build a very stylish SheShed!

"For the exterior, we wanted something that [fitted] into the back yard without being too imposing. So yes, the main colour is just monument (charcoal) but it works well. We did also want to retain some of the wood character too, so have opted to only oil the underside of the canopy. We will also oil the deck (not yet complete). The contrast of the monument, the wood, the white trim and surrounding greenery works really well."

- Nick R.

As well as storage and workshop space for her 3D printers, Alex uses her SheShed as a broadcasting and podcast recording studio, so if you're interested in 3D printing or additive manufacturing, you should check out some of her great work at the media links below:


AM News LIVE is an interactive news talk show experience, co-hosted by Adam Penna and Alex Kingsbury every other Monday at 6pm ET. Providing the latest in AM news, up-to-date analysis, and in-depth interviews, Adam and Alex will be uncovering the stories behind the story.

Find out more here on the website.

Printing Money Podcast

‘Printing Money’ takes a deeper look at the transactions behind some of the most innovative 3D printing businesses. From mergers and acquisitions, to fundraising and the public markets, each episode dives into the latest investments in the 3D printing industry and how they’ll shape the future of the technology.

Find out more here on the website.

We are very impressed with the design choices made by Nick and Alex, and absolutely adore the added timber decking which makes the office very multifunctional - we can imagine it gets used well as a hub for drinks or even a meal or two! The added greenery and furniture inside the SheShed really brings the whole look and feel together, making the cabin warm and welcoming, as well as beautiful.

It is amazing that Nick and Alex have solved a problem with some great innovation. It is a point of interest for people who come to visit, and most importantly, it has given them more space for both their work and their young family:

"Having a separate space re-establishes the separation between home life and work, and makes it much more comfortable too. It will also free up a room in the house so our youngest daughter can have her own bedroom."

Nick R.

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