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"The Cactus Shack" By Loni Parker - Taking The Coastal SheShed To New Heights!

Step into the world of Loni Parker, the visionary Editor of Adore Magazine, where trend-setting home design meets personal inspiration. Loni has been at the forefront of showcasing the latest in home design, styles, and stunning interior design through her influential magazine. Not only does she highlight others' creativity and industry trends, Loni immerses herself in her own home design ventures and renovations, demonstrating that anyone with a vision can turn it into reality.

Recently, our team caught up with Loni as she delved into her latest project: her Coastal SheShed Cabin nestled in a newly landscaped backyard oasis. In our exclusive interview, Loni shares her journey of transforming a gorgeous 4m x 3m SheShed into a breathtaking retreat, infused with Palm Springs inspired charm and her signature style. Join us as we uncover Loni Parker's inspirational SheShed journey, revealing the secrets behind her latest captivating DIY project.

Can you walk us through the inspiration behind the design of your Coastal Cabin that you recently built and fitted out?

The inspiration for the design first started with a sunset colour palette. My idea was to have this space work as a home office/cactus pop up shop, and I loved the idea of potting all of the cactus in terracotta pots. I knew the terracotta would look great against a dusty pink/peach colour palette.

What are the key elements you wanted to incorporate into the design to capture the essence of your Cactus Shack?

The key elements in the space include a desk that could also double as a front counter for my pop up shop. I chose this inexpensive reception desk and gave it a glow-up by adding ribbed panelling to the front, painted in a bright terracotta tone. Behind it sits The Cactus Shack sign - the colour of it ties in with my reception desk.

For plenty of office storage I’ve chosen ‘Ivar’ cabinets from IKEA. These come in a raw timber finish which makes it ideal for painting. I’ve painted these in a pink colour. Inside it hides all of magazines, and other office equipment. And then on top I’ve got oodles of display space for cactus. I’ve also added open timber shelving to display more plants.

Can you share your experience with maintaining the budget that was initially set for this project?

I’ve chosen relatively affordable items from IKEA to fit out the space, and the timber shelf and mounting brackets were from Bunnings. The reception desk was only about $200 which is pretty affordable. By adding some cheap ribbed panelling which I purchased off Facebook Marketplace I’ve been able to make it look more custom.

Another budget-friendly idea is to retain the flooring that comes with the cabin. I gave the floor a quick sand, and applied a clear wax to protect it.

Your cabin is spectacular – what was the timeline like from the initial concept to the completion of the Coastal Cabin Cactus Shack, were there any unexpected delays? How long did the foundation take, the landscaping, the build, and the fit out take?

We had a slab poured along with electrical cable laid prior the shed build, and this only took a couple of hours for the slab to be poured and a few hours for the trench to be dug, and electrical cable laid and connected to our house.

The build of the cabin didn’t take very long at all. We hired Bridgeport Building to assemble it for us. It took 2 experienced carpenters about 4-5 days to put it together. 

From there I painted it all myself (with a little bit of help from my partner and dad). This took a bit of time and that’s mainly because I don’t love painting and it was very hot when I tackled it. It was spread out over a few weeks. If I were to do it again, I would have it built in Winter and paint it when it’s cooler.

Probably what took the longest time was the design and fit out of the cabin, and that mainly comes down to us also juggling our whole home renovation at the same time.

What were some of the highlights of the building and fitting out process for you personally?

I think for me the fun part is definitely the fit out. Collecting cactus for my pop up shop was fun, and seeing it all starting to come together was the icing on the cake!

Did you encounter any particular design or logistical challenges specific to creating a Coastal Cabin, and how did you overcome them?

No, the build was relatively easy for our carpenters.

Lastly, now that the Coastal Cabin is complete, how do you envision it being used and enjoyed by yourself and visitors?

I’m so happy with how it looks. It’s a great space to work from and I like that it’s separate from our house. Once I lock up at the end of the day, that’s it, work’s over. Previously working from home, it can be hard to switch off, so having a dedicated workspace separate to home has been great. I envision hosting cactus pop-up shops every now and then, and for visitors to come and check out the gardens which we’ve created and to come away with a cactus or two for their own home.

Loni Parker's Coastal SheShed Cabin is nothing short of spectacular, embodying a perfect blend of creativity, functionality, and charm. As we explored her delectable backyard sanctuary, we were truly blown away by the meticulous build, the inviting look, thoughtful design choices, and the serene feel that Loni has infused into every corner of "The Cactus Shack." In essence, Loni has outdone herself with this latest remarkable project, demonstrating how to transform a humble structure into a captivating haven. Her 12sqm Coastal SheShed stands as a testament to her talent and passion for creating spaces that evoke joy and inspiration. We can't wait to see what she gets up to in her new space in the future!

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