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Music Rooms

Imagine having your own private music sanctuary, where you can practice, play, and create to your heart's content. A backyard music room is the perfect place to indulge your musical passions, free from distractions and interruptions.

With added soundproofing, electrical outlets, and styled your way, your music room will be fully equipped to meet your needs. And when inspiration strikes, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips. No more setting up and tearing down your equipment every time you want to play. With a backyard music room, your musical dreams are within reach.

Our affordable kitset music room sheds and cabins can be delivered across NZ.

Create your own Music Room with a SheShed Cabin Kitset.

Here are some real-life customer examples of our timber sheds used as music rooms in NZ and Australia:

Dave’s Production Studio

“Many people have commented on the quality of the shed and I’m really pleased with the end result. The price of the shed is really excellent for the quality and…

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Sarah's Star by the Lake

Just south of Napier, in a quiet field next to a still lake, on a jetty, sits Sarah’s Star Cabin.Sarah had a lightbulb moment after watching Hilary Barry makeover her She…

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Erin’s Spare Room

"Our SheShed is becoming a combination of a sleepout, office & music room. We found...

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Alex's Music Studio

Alex is passionate about music and his parents decided to build a SheShed Star cabin on their property, so that he could have a space to practice without the extra…

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Donna's Music Space

“Top class service from start to finish.The Kit went together easily with the help of a few friends and we now spend a lot of time playing music in there.We…

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Karen’s "Hen House" Garden Cabin

I’ve called my SheShed my Hen House, that means husband and daughter can’t lay claim to it! It’s my get away place for reading and listening to music, having a…

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