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What is the Pressure Treatment?


Our Pressure Treatment innovation gives the wood an optimal lifespan whilst retaining the excellent natural properties of the traditional wood benefits. The pressure treatment protects against wood rot/decay, however the timber can still absorb moisture which is why we still recommend using a sealer.

Pressure treatment is an additional wood preservative, which ensures that all surfaces of your cabin or building are protected against timber degradation and is also wood insect deterrent. It is a process that takes place entirely in a large pressure vessel once the timber has been pre manufactured. The timber is then placed in the pressure vessel, the door closes and the vessel creates a vacuum. The oxygen is then extracted from the wood, after which the pressure vessel is filled with an impregnating agent. When the pressure vessel is filled with the impregnating agent, the pressure is increased, so that the wood absorbs the impregnating agent. Pressure treatment is an entirely computer-controlled process. If you have had the wood of your log cabin impregnated by means of the pressure treatment process, an external sealant is not immediately required to protect the timber, but is still recommended to be applied as quickly a possible to prevent the timber from absorbing excessive moisture. The pressure treatment is a wood preservative treatment not a waterproofing solution, and still requires the timber to be completely sealed externally using a good quality paint system or sealer to prevent the penetration of moisture. The windows and doors are not impregnated with a pressure vessel but are instead spray treated. Spray treatment protects the wood initially, however a good quality paint or sealer is still required to prevent moisture ingress or egress, which if left unsealed, over time can damage the doors.


  • Longer life of your summerhouse or log cabin.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Wood insect deterrent
  • (In warm, dark and damp environments, a surface mould can still grow on the outside of any type of timber during periods of storage, but with pressure treatment, any mould or fungus is inhibited from growing inside the timber itself, so is able to be easily wiped off before construction.)
  • Cabin looks nicer and cleaner for longer.
  • You do not have to protect your timber from weathering in storage and construction like untreated timber.

Pressure treatment is the method that guarantees the longest life of your cabin.

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