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Spotlight on Vivien’s Poolside Cabana Cabin 

Working on projects from Melbourne through to Brisbane, renovation specialist, Vivien, created a stunning space to work and relax at her own home using a Cabana kitset cabin from SheShed. We asked her a few questions about the build process that you can find below.

Vivien chose a lovely tumbled limestone tile flooring that contrasts so nicely with the interior SheShed roofing – We don’t know if exposed timber beams have ever looked this good!

If you’re located in Northern Rivers or South East Queensland, Vivien’s skilled vision for interior and property design speaks for itself!

You can find more of her beautiful work on her Instagram: @hellorenos.

SheShed: “Why did you build a she shed and what affected your descision to build it where you did?”

“I chose the SheShed for extra space for an office and as a teenagers retreat. I hired a contractor to build this, and we chose a position that had good natural light and a view of the pool. I had a concrete foundation poured in preparation, and it made the shed feel like a permanent, solid structure.”

 “How did you find the build experience?”

“I’m a designer so thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. There weren’t really any hard parts of the build process apart from manually transporting the wood from the street to the final build location which was some distance.

The shed was a great solution as no council approval was required due to the size and the fact that we did not add  plumbing. It has resolved the issue of an extra living space at an affordable price. The entire experience was fairly seamless.”

SheShed: “What do you love about the SheShed, and what do other people comment on most when they see it?”

“My favourite aspect is that it has expanded the habitable footprint of the home. Guests love the space as it looks good and is practical. Most people say it is a very relaxing space.”

SheShed: “Why did you choose to build one of our kitset SheSheds instead of any other option available?”

“We chose to buy a SheShed as it looked like a pretty straight forward process and gave us the flexibility to customise it to what we wanted. I’d highly recommend these.”

“We absolutely love the pitched roof and paneling! Such a great space, can be constructed in a short time with no council approval while adding value to your property.”

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