Janelle's Vibrant Chic Home Office!

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What is it like to have a fully independent home office - away from all the distractions so you can focus on your work form the comfort of your own property? Janelle from New South Wales has discovered the answer to this question and has created the perfect office just a few steps away from home:

"My SheShed was purchased solely for a home office. I work from home so this was the perfect option. After much searching, SheShed options won over against the others."

Janelle M.

That's right, Janelle went for our brand new 8.75sqm Tussock Cabin for her office, and we can understand why. The Tussock comes with 44mm thick wood (perfect for warmth), double glazed doors and windows, added roof insulation and steel roofing. It also comes with a pair of beautiful tilt and turn European windows, making this office very high spec indeed.

Janelle explains how she absolutely loves the design and practicality of the European windows:

"Having the windows that open two ways is an awesome feature. I have the windows & doors open early in the summer mornings & revert to the aircon in the afternoons. Just love being able to see out all those windows. People just comment on the SheShed in general. They love the window opening features, and of course I get a lot of comments on the Christian Lacroix wallpaper. People are impressed it comes as kit form and you're able to put it together yourself"

- Janelle M.

We can definitely agree that the double glazed tilt and turn windows on the Tussock Cabin are a treat! Janelle has also added some handy features to help make her home office extra comfortable, including adding some essential amenities as well as a dedicated work space that can be defined as being separate from home:

"I have power/aircon/internet everything I need for the office. It works a treat. Having a dedicated office, means everything is kept in one place & it feels like you're still leaving the house for work. No washing machine/ dishwasher noises going on in the background. Also have the benefit of seeing the front street and all the hustle & bustle."

- Janelle M.

When asked about her experience with SheShed, Janelle does not hesitate to share her thoughts on what it was like to plan her project with the team:

"The service from the SheShed was amazing. It's what sells at the end of the day. The team followed through on my enquiry quite quickly... There was contact throughout the whole process and what's more; not only did they send a link on how to build it, but a folder with every single detail arrived with the kit. I recommend SheShed 100% amazing service - second to none! A massive THANKYOU! There was nothing missing in that kit whatsoever. It was so plain sailing

- Janelle M.

We are so impressed with what Janelle has achieved here! From the design choices, including the vibrant Christian Lacroix wallpaper, the sleek white interior, the added personalised flooring and greenery from the plants, to the chic aesthetic of the outside of the SheShed - Janelle has created something special here. We even adore her lush furniture choices and light fixtures, as well as the plants and seating on the outside of the cabin. And because she has added all her essential services to the cabin too, Janelle can work in her very own personalised space surrounded by her many favourite things. What a winning combination!

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