Sally's Beautiful Native Bush Sanctuary

Sally lives in a popular beachside holiday destination in Northland, New Zealand. She needed a sanctuary and office away from her house where she could do some painting, work, reading or simply some relaxation while looking out to the luscious native bush. She knew she already had the perfect spot for her calm haven, so all she needed now was the right cabin!

Reaching out to the SheShed team and working with her sales consultant, she found the best cabin for her chosen space. Sally settled on the brand new 8.75sqm Tussock cabin, featuring modern French doors, tilt and turn European windows, double glazing and a corrugated steel roof. The shape and size was just perfect for her sheltered location and suited her nearby house well too.

As her SheShed is the second building on her land, Sally named her cabin "Rua"

"Rua, My SheShed is used as an office and an art studio. She has internet and electricity connected and so is an oasis of calm to do some painting, sit and read or do some work at the desk whilst nestled in the heart of the native bush. What usually happens though is less "doing" and more sitting on the deck, drinking something to suit the hour, and watching the Tui's, Keruru's and Fantails whilst listening to the cicadas."

- Sally D.

"I have a beautiful main number Tahi home, however Rua is possibly my favourite place to be. During the recent storms, she was tucked away and hidden in the bush and felt like she was not even been touched."

- Sally D.

Sally has also gone out of her way to style her SheShed not only in a very fashionable way - but also as sustainable as possible with her furnishing choices. She has upcycled old memorabilia from her past as well as pieces that were not being used in her own home. Now the cabin looks like it has come out of an interior design magazine with all of its bespoke features - Sally has a great eye for design and we can see why this cabin is her new comfort zone!

"I used only upcycled and pre-loved furniture from my own home. I made the cushions and repurposed all the things I loved but didn't have a place for in the main home. I anchored all of the colours off the 1970's green retro shag rug. I have put in 6 x power points, so that I can use it to work, I have internet connected and it can also be used for a sleepout if required. I kept most of the exterior dark, the same colour as the main house, however the front which faces all day sun (can you remember what sun looks like? Sigh) has been kept the same white as the interior because I wanted to prevent any heat damage to the wood, and also have a feeling of fresh and calm when you sit on the deck. [We] have also installed a water tank from the roof so I can water the plants and clean paint brushes."

- Sally D.

We just adore what Sally has achieved with Rua, a beautiful, sturdy and dependable Tussock SheShed where she can duck away at any time and enjoy some serenity. It's a wonderful merging of her love for nature and art, creating a calm and peaceful outlook, yet settled so snuggly into the landscape. Especially useful with the added front deck designed to look out to the nearby bush views and bird life.

""It is bigger and warmer inside than we thought!" "Sooooo cute" "I want one" are the most common comments. My favourite thing, is that Rua has become my sanctuary away from the noise and distraction of the world and I just go calm. Unfortunately people now where I am when I disappear, so I can be found!"

-Sally D.

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