The Kiwi Holiday Bach Just Got Even BETTER!

The Bach. A place where the family is rearing to go over the holidays to enjoy the best that New Zealand has to offer! And as the memories compound and the size of the family grows more and more, the beloved bach struggles to accommodate almost everyone within its limited space.

Located in the deliciously sunny Golden Bay, Tasman, Stephen and Louise were not going to let the lack of space stop them from having family fun by the by! They found their solution quick with a couple of SheSheds:

"Our Twin Tussocks provide extra accommodation for family and friends at our coastal bach. Squeezing the family into a two bedroom bach was fun when our 4 kids were young, but the now teens and twenty-somethings require a little more space and luxury beyond a caravan add on."

- Stephen and Louise B

That's right, Stephen and Louise opted to buy TWO of our brand new 8.75sqm Tussock SheSheds to add to their family bach. The Tussock cabin is a fabulous choice, as this particular design comes with modern French doors, two European tilt-and-turn windows, corrugated steel roofing, added roof insulation, double glazing and 44mm thick timber for the walls! These warm cabins are not going anywhere and are even engineered to withstand high wind zones in New Zealand!

We are incredibly impressed with the work they have done with their two Tussock SheSheds and love how they have even added a wrap round deck with some comfy bean bags for an immersive indoor-outdoor experience. The interior décor is also very indicative of Kiwiana summertime culture. Overall the Tussock cabins have a warm and welcoming feel - just perfect for the holidays:

"Two separate extra bedrooms allows us to provide comfortable and private spaces for our guests and family members, while still enjoying the gathering around the jigsaw puzzles and dining table in the main house. The adjoining deck is a fabulous sheltered and sunny place to sit when the onshore breeze is a bit stiff. The pitch of the roof fortuitously matches the existing house and even before the new linking decking and steps are completed and the garden develops the new additions look like they are part of the original bach design. Building the [sheds] ourselves over several weekends afforded us the unexpected benefit of meeting several new neighbours who were keenly interested in our new [cabins] for much the same reasons as we building them."

- Stephen and Louise B

We do have to admit, this accommodation idea is simply ingenious. We are sure that Stephen, Louise and their family will no doubt make many more family memories with their new Tussock SheSheds. Bring on the holidays!

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