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Benefits of a Wooden Shed for Storage

Wooden storage sheds are becoming increasingly popular because they’re the perfect solution for anyone who needs to clear out space within the home. Maybe you’re looking for a garden shed with a place to keep all your tools, or your very own craft shed where you can work and enjoy your hobbies.

The most popular size She Sheds are 3x3m with a floor area of 9m2, which gives you plenty of options on how you’d like your storage to work, making it most versatile for you.

For Craft:

Helen fitted out her craft shed with well presented shelving units and clear storage boxes for buttons, tapes and laces for all sorts of her craft projects.

Shelving units or wardrobes with large and small drawers are perfect for in craft sheds, keeping all your arts and craft supplies organized and in easy reach – different sizes for all different objects. Now you can spend more time creating rather than searching.

Who doesn’t enjoy a decluttered workspace?

For Gardening:

If you’re wanting to transform your She Shed into a garden shed, adding hooks along the side walls will give you space to hang all your equipment, giving you that extra floor space while you’re busy at the work bench. No more fumbling around trying to find what you need – safe and secure is the way!

We love Kate’s self-made racks for her shed, hanging up bee keeping equipment and garden tools.

In a garden or tool shed, a memory board is a great way of keeping tools in order and in place!

For Extra Storage:

A shed is the perfect space for a library and a quite place to read alone. Plenty of wall space for tall book shelves.

A She Shed for storage can have endless possibilities, you will be surprised with how space–efficient it can become. The design is totally up to you!

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