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How A She Shed Is The Perfect Investment for New Zealand Homeowners In 2023

This blog is specially crafted for individuals like you who own property in this beautiful country. In the midst of a recession and uncertain economic times, investing in home improvements can bring incredible benefits to you and your family. Explore how a personalised SheShed can add value to your life and assets, and enhance your lifestyle, even during tight financial periods. Discover how you can create your own sanctuary and make the most of your investment in the current economic climate!

Creating Your Personal Me Space

As New Zealand faces economic challenges and wallets tighten, it's important to find cost-effective ways to enjoy personal space and "me" time. Instead of sacrificing indulgences like gym and wellness center memberships, needing an environment out of the home to unwind, enjoy a drink and meal, or rented office spaces; investing in a SheShed to create these spaces for yourself, on your own terms. These beautiful, affordable, and multi-functional sanctuaries can be positioned right in your backyard, providing a cost-effective solution and filling the void of personal space and relaxation. In fact, a SheShed can be a cost-effective alternative to ongoing expenses that leave you with nothing to show for your investment. Once you buy a cabin of your own, it's yours forever!

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Unlike extensive home renovations, a SheShed Cabin does not come with hefty price tag, and they often do not need a consent to build either. Whether you assemble it yourself or seek assistance from builders, a SheShed ensures you get the most value for your investment for your property. Additionally, these kitset, compact and easy-to-assemble cabins can be delivered straight to you in a very seamless process. Choosing the DIY building rout for the kitset saves you the cost of hiring a builder to assemble, or if you do choose to hire a builder, you know that the building process will be completed in 2 to maximum 12 days depending on the size and style of your SheShed.

"Our journey began during the COVID-19 lock down where we found ourselves short on space" ... "it was a challenge to have separate zones within our open plan home. The first thought was to do an extension to the home, but we concluded that this option was not the most financially viable due to the high cost for only a small amount of additional space. My wife Julia then started researching studios for the backyard. She reviewed a few companies and we quickly concluded that SheShed was the one for us. Right from the first enquiries to the ongoing phone support we know we made the right choice. In addition to the phone support, we were extremely impressed with the quality of the materials that arrived in the kit. Everyone that has seen the studio has been very impressed. We thoroughly recommend ShedSheds if you are considering additional space."

- Chris & Julia

A Haven for Families

As families in New Zealand spend more time at home, the need for additional space becomes crucial. From online classes to sports activities, the house can become crowded and chaotic. A SheShed creates a separate, homely environment that encourages quality time together and optimises the backyard space that might otherwise go unused. Whether you choose to provide a comfortable and private haven for your family or save the space for yourself, a SheShed will alleviate the crowdedness and enhance your family's bond. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?

The Ideal Home Office

With work from home lifestyles becoming more prevalent, having a dedicated workspace is crucial for productivity and focus. Transforming your SheShed into a professional home office can provide the quiet and distraction-free environment you need. Separating your work life from your personal life will enhance your efficiency and create a sense of normalcy, even during uncertain economic times. Your SheShed can be tailored to your work requirements, whether you need a spacious desk, ample storage, or natural lighting, allowing you to optimise your work-from-home experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

So you’re a creative person but struggle to create while your family are watching? Finding solace and purpose within our surroundings becomes so important during challenging financial periods. Having a dedicated space for creative activities has been shown to boost productivity and overall well-being, especially in women. A SheShed offers the perfect environment for pursuing creative arts, crafts, writing, or any passion that fuels your soul. It's a tranquil sanctuary where you can unleash your creativity, explore new hobbies, and find inspiration. Personalise your She Shed with comfortable seating, ample workspace, and storage solutions to cater to your creative pursuits. Invest in yourself!

Welcoming Guests in Style

As everyone tightens their budgets and chooses to stay local during holidays, having extra space for visitors can be a valuable asset. Transforming your SheShed into a cozy and welcoming guesthouse is easier than you think. It allows you to offer a comfortable and private haven for visiting relatives, friends, or short-term room renters. Not only does it add value to your home, but it also ensures your guests feel at ease during their stay. With thoughtful touches like a comfortable bed, seating area, and amenities, you can create a welcoming space that enhances their overall experience.

Investing in a SheShed provides numerous advantages for all homeowners in New Zealand, even during a recession. It serves as a cost-effective alternative to extensions or renovations, adds long-term value to the property, and even offers the potential for passive rental income. Despite the economic climate, it's important to find joy and fulfilment within our own surroundings. Check out our Customer Review videos, Inspiration Gallery, and FAQ’s to learn more. Or you can get in touch with one of our helpful sales consultants who can guide you through the entire process of creating your own personal oasis right in your backyard.

"Firstly, it is simply the stunning view from our house into the backyard. Its just a beautiful little cabin and is exactly what this family needed! Everyone is quite impressed when they see it and just how solid and spacious it is given its small footprint. It has completely transformed our property."

- Melanie

Check Out Our SheShed Cabins Stories For Inspiration Below:

Peace And Serenity At Bernadette's Yoga And Art Studio

"I use my SheShed to unwind and provide balance to my work as a University Professor. Two of my favorite activities are painting and yoga/pilates. My SheShed provides a quiet area to be energised through yoga and is the perfect space to be creative. Having a dedicated space to paint means I don't have to pack away after each session making me feel more motivated to carve out the time to do something that I enjoy."

- Bernadette M.

A Picture Perfect Poolside Art Studio - Views Galore!

When it came to replacing our rusty pool shed we explored options of having a ready made capsule office/pod installed or having a shed custom built for the space. Fortunately we came across the SheShed and after a visit to the Katoomba showroom entertained the idea of attempting the build ourselves. I am now thrilled to have this SheShed art studio, it is superior to working in the spare bedroom as I’m surrounded by lovely greenery, pool and the outdoors. With the French doors and windows open it feels as though I’m actually outside and the abundance of light is wonderful to paint in."

- Linda K.

The Coolest Teenage Girl's Bedroom In Town!

Melanie lives in beautiful Queensland with her family. She needed a specific spot for her teenage daughter where she could have her own space and spread her wings in a place she could call her own. After spotting the SheShed Cabins online, Melanie was a little hesitant to make a move and buy a cabin off the internet, but she soon found out she was in safe, and very helpful hands!

Sally's Beautiful Native Bush Sanctuary

"Rua, My SheShed is used as an office and an art studio. She has internet and electricity connected and so is an oasis of calm to do some painting, sit and read or do some work at the desk whilst nestled in the heart of the native bush. What usually happens though is less "doing" and more sitting on the deck, drinking something to suit the hour, and watching the Tui's, Keruru's and Fantails whilst listening to the cicadas."

- Sally D.

Zac's Man Cave - A Place To Chill And Relax

How many people get to literally have a Man Cave of their own, one that has all the essentials to relax and enjoy a spot outside of the house?

Zac set out to do something that most men dream of creating for themselves - an awesome and personalised Man Cave that he can call his own. He wasn't going to settle for just any shed - he needed a strong, sturdy, warm and good looking area. This is where the Star Cabin from SheShed was chosen as the perfect fit.

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