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The 5 Best SheShed Cabins For Businesses

If you are thinking of running a business from home or are needing a starting point without paying expensive commercial shop leases, a SheShed is the perfect solution! You can build a SheShed kitset cabin in a very short time and customise it to suit your needs, including adding storage, special lighting, power points, custom equipment for your gear and even a work station. You can paint and personalise the cabin to make your branding stand out, and can also work the hours that you desire - at the end of the day you own the SheShed so you're in control! If you are wanting the right work-life balance on your terms, a SheShed is the best place to start.

Below are our 5 best SheShed Cabins for businesses:

1. Cabana Cabin (12m2)

The Cabana Cabin is a popular choice for businesses. Measuring at 3 metres by 4 metres, this cabin has a decent amount of space for you to run your business, host some customers and even have a seating area! It is a great choice if you need a spot that allows you to race in between different stations that are within convenient proximity of each other - especially when you are working on your feet. This makes the 12m2 Cabana Cabin perfect for places like home hair salons, dog grooming salons, art studios, boutique retail stores, therapy rooms... the list goes on. This cabin can also be customisable as you can choose where to place the French doors and top hung window, and you can also add extra doors and windows too!

2. Lake Cabin (29m2)

If you need a spot to really get your gear and tools out, our largest cabin, the Lake is just for you. It measures at 7 metres by 5 metres and has three distinct spaces that are separate from each other. This means you can have two completely different wings and also have an extra sweet spot in the internal room too. This cabin is perfect for one to really spread their wings and make the workspace their own. You can either lock up and leave this cabin away from the public, and keep this stunning work station a secret, or you can open it up for customers to come and visit you! The Lake Cabin is a very welcoming cabin that has a very prominent entrance, making it an ideal shop front. It would also make a fantastic Airbnb as it is constructed with 44mm thick wood for warmth, and comes with large double glazed casement windows, vented windows and French doors. Whatever you decide to do, the Lake Cabin will make a positive impact!

3. Star Canopy Cabin (9m2 + 9m2)

The Star Canopy Cabin is a great twist on our 9m2 Star Cabin, as it is made even better and more spacious with the addition of a 3m x 3m canopy out the front! This cabin is designed for those who love the idea of having the practical use of a SheShed, while still also being able to use some of the outside entrance with plenty of additional shelter from rain and sun. It is a great multifunctional space that can be versatile for many uses such as a boutique retail shop, small Airbnb, music and recording studio, art studio, office, or a workshop space! Let your imagination run wild with a warm and welcoming Star Canopy SheShed.

4. Alpine Cabin (8.75m2)

The Alpine Cabin is one of our newer SheShed styles and is great for those who want a cabin with a newer and modern look! Measuring at 5.5 metres by 3.5 metres, the Alpine Cabin is a spacious option for your business. It comes with 45mm thick walls and is fully double glazed, making it very warm and snug. What makes it cutting edge is the monopitch steel roof, as well as the new doors and windows, which are double-glazed to modern high standards. These new taller windows feature the new European-style tilt and turn opening system to allow for natural airflow circulation while keeping the weather out (the window can be either tilted inwards at the top for air circulation, or opened fully like a traditional casement window!). Once painted, this cabin is stunning. It is very spacious for you to run your business in style, and would even benefit in an area with a fantastic outlook!

5. Star Cabin (9m2)

The Star Cabin is a wonderful and beloved classic for a reason. Measuring at 3 metres by 3 metres, this cabin is a versatile pick that can fit on almost anyone's property! It comes with a set of double glazed French doors and a top hung window - which you can place on whatever wall you like! This feature is handy for those who want to manipulate the window and door placements to be practical for the best natural light, access point and design. People love using the 9m2 Star Cabin for how practical it is for running a small business - it is great for an office, craft space, boutique store, counselling room, music studio and so much more! The lattice bars on the windows and doors, and internal pitched roofline create quite a beautiful design - especially for those who love that classic cottage aesthetic!

Check Out Our SheShed Business Cabins From Our Inspiration Gallery Below:

Lisa's Dreamy SheShed Hair Salon!

Gaining quite a bit of popularity now that she has made her hair dressing salon bolder and better with her 12 square metre Cabana Cabin, Lisa from Waves Hair Salon is back almost a year later since she first opened her doors to customers! We are loving how the whole look of this Mediterranean inspired hair salon has really come together, especially the colour scheme, the now established landscaping and styling choices. We check in with her to see how things have been since she bought her Cabana SheShed, and what sort of words of wisdom, tips and tricks she has to offer for other businesswomen who want to establish a work from home abode as well.

A Fantastic Boutique Dog Grooming Salon With The Cabana!

"To any women contemplating a home based business we would both say ‘do it, be brave and take that leap of faith’. We are two best friends who have successfully managed to take a shared love of dogs and turn it in to a home based business that is on track to smash every goal we had set ourselves for the first 12 months. With plenty of humour, lots of energy and enthusiasm and great professional advice anything is possible." - Amanda & Catriona

SheShed Business Spotlight ~ Wild Violet Collective

Courtney decided to build a SheShed to expand her business and achieve work-life balance. Prior to starting Wild Violet, she found herself in a transition stage between having young babies and deciding whether to go back to work or study. Her love for self-care and creating calm environments inspired her to hand-pour crystal candles and other home fragrance products. 

Blue Mountains His & Hers Cabins

Neil and Bianca run a highly successful Real Estate agency, Bianca Brown Reality in the beautiful Blue Mountains, NSW. Working together and running a business from home has been made easy with the addition of not one but two SheShed cabins on their Katoomba property. Read on and watch the video interview to hear more about their SheShed build journey, and find out exactly what Neil and Bianca are using their “his & hers” cabins for.  

Boho Velvet Upholstery  

A wooden studio perfectly perched, looking out to the vines and rolling hills of the beautiful Upper Moutere in Tasman. Lisa built her SheShed Lake Cabin as a studio next to their family home, to run her business Boho Velvet Upholstery, where she hosts regular classes, and works on divine custom furniture pieces.

Fruit and vegetable stall set up for sale nz

Shed Business Spotlight - Moutere Strawberries 

Sally and Barry run Moutere Strawberries – a family-owned and operated farm located in the beautiful Upper Moutere, just out of Nelson, New Zealand. A local gem with the best strawberries around, sold locally into retailers and cafes around the region… and now they’ve got a new shop, complete with a SheShed Star Canopy Cabin! The cabin is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the view of the farm. Inside, you’ll find all sorts of local produce and products, including strawberries of course, fresh fruit ice-cream, jams, chutney, and free-range eggs.

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