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The 5 Best SheShed Cabins For Accommodation

There is no doubt that a SheShed Cabin is a great option for getting an area for accommodation, bedroom, or sleepout established right on your property. You can place the cabin where you like and really customize it to suit your needs, aesthetic and requirements. All our SheShed Cabins come as a full kitset from the floor joists to the roof, with lovely large double glazed French doors and windows, wooden flooring and ceiling throughout. They are an ideal option for accommodation as they are very quick and easy to build, and they are very welcoming.

Below are our 5 best SheShed Cabins for accommodation:

1. Brook River Cabin (19.4m2)

The Brook River Cabin is an all time favourite! Measuring at 6 meters by 3.5 meters, this cabin is versatile as it has a lot of natural light as well as space. It is also a great cabin for warmth as it comes with 44mm thick walls. The front is composed of beautiful double glazed French doors, as well as two very large casement windows and vented windows too (also double glazed). What makes this cabin great for accommodation is the layout. The space can be divided into two wings, which can either work as two generous sleeping areas, or one large sleeping area and one decent living/dining space. There are many versatile ways to finish and personalise this cabin to make it truly unique to your designated space. The Brook River Cabin is the perfect pick for locations that have beautiful views and lots of sunshine - take advantage of all those wonderful windows!

2. Alpine Cabin (19m2)

The Alpine Cabin is one of our newer SheShed styles and is great for those who want a cabin with a newer and slick look! Measuring at 5.5 meters by 3.5 meters, the Alpine Cabin is a spacious option for accommodation. It comes with 45mm thick walls and is fully double glazed, making it very warm and snug. What makes it cutting edge is the monopitch steel roof, as well as the new doors and windows, which are double-glazed to modern high standards. These new taller windows feature the new European-style tilt and turn opening system to allow for natural airflow circulation while keeping the weather out (the window can be either tilted inwards at the top for air circulation, or opened fully like a traditional casement window!). Once painted, this cabin is stunning. It is very spacious for a couple of beds, or a bed, office desk and lounge area. The Alpine Cabin is perfect for a poolside retreat and also suits an area with a beautiful outlook.

3. Star Deluxe Cabin (18.75m2)

The Star Deluxe Cabin is great for those who want options around where they can place the windows and doors on their SheShed - there is no one set rule! This cabin is fantastic for accommodation as it measures 3 meters by 6.25 meters. It is also a very versatile cabin, because it's two of our most popular Star cabins merged together with the addition of a special joiner kit, allowing for the option of an internal wall. This also means that it comes with two double glazed windows and French doors so you can have multiple configuration options as to which walls to place them in. One of our most popular choices is to place one of the two sets of doors in the internal wall, creating a sleeping space in the back of the cabin which is separated from the living or study area in the front of the cabin. Alternatively, you can use both doors on the outside of the cabin, and cut the internal wall into an open space between the two sides of the cabin. If you're after something special, fun, spacious and unique - the Star Deluxe Cabin is your pick!

4. Tussock Cabin (8.75m2)

The Tussock Cabin is from one of our newest SheShed kitset cabin designs. Inspired by windswept tussocks along the coastlines, this cabin makes for the perfect escape to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a great compact cabin if you have limited space on your property, but it still packs a punch as it is 3.5m x 2.5m (8.75 square meters), with 45mm thick solid-timber walls for better natural insulation, and it comes with both corrugated steel roofing. The roof insulation is also included in this kitset and the Tussock Cabin can be portable. As an additional feature, the Tussock SheShed comes with two European-style tilt and turn windows as well! If you need an instant bedroom with a study, or a fantastic place for the family to stay when they come to visit, the Tussock cabin will not fail you.

5. Star Cabin (9m2)

The Star Cabin is a wonderful and beloved classic for a reason. Measuring at 3 meters by 3 meters, this cabin is a versatile pick that can fit on almost anyone's property! It comes with a set of double glazed French doors and a top hung window - which you can place on whatever wall you like! This feature is handy for those who want to manipulate the window and door placements to be practical for the best natural light, access point and design. People love using the 9m2 Star Cabin for how spacious it is for a bedroom, wardrobe and desk, and they love the style too! The lattice bars on the windows and doors, and internal pitched roofline create quite a beautiful design - especially for those who love that classic cottage aesthetic!

Check Out Our Accommodation Cabins From Our Inspiration Gallery Below:

The Coolest Teenage Girl's Bedroom In Town!

"Our She Shed is styled specifically for our daughter. She is naturally drawn to older style homes, so this is her little version complete with her own deck. It's light and bright and has the perfect amount of pink! Our SheShed has been the perfect addition to our backyard. Transforming what was an overgrown garden and unsightly garden shed into what I now refer to as "The Pool House", although its actual use is a teen retreat."- Melanie

Palm Springs Inspired Gold Coast Guest House

We love this stylish Palm Springs inspired, Gold Coast guest house that Philip has created with our 3x3m Star Cabin Kitset.

The perfect backyard oasis for guests to stay in and paired beautifully with the main house. This property was recently on the market in South Port and we just had to share these gorgeous photos from the listing.

Blue Mountains Brook River Log Cabin

This is our beautiful 19.4m Brook River Log Cabin set up as a display shed at our Katoomba office in New South Wales, but available for sale right across both Australia and New Zealand.

The Trusty Tussock Luxe Bedroom & Study

We have decided to style this cabin as a very luxe bedroom and study space, so you can see what you can ideally fit into a Tussock and how spacious it really is! It was pretty easy to fit a double bed, a large decent sized desk, bedside table and even a feature potted plant. There is even an added comfy chair, where you can curl up with a book in the sunshine streaming through the large windows.

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