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The Kiwi Holiday Bach Just Got Even BETTER!

The Bach. A place where the family is rearing to go over the holidays to enjoy the best that New Zealand has to offer! And as the memories compound and…

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Empowering People With Disabilities To Get Creative!

Dynamic Ability Support in New South Wales is a fantastic organization that upholds "the aspiration to provide a flexible and personalised disability support service where individuality is celebrated!" As part…

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Chris And His Immersive Home Office

Chris has a wonderful spot overlooking the national park in his area and has a very handy tennis court nearby. He saw this area as a little under-utilized and turned…

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The Personal Gym Space With A Ranch Cabin

Keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle has never been easier with a 12 square meter Ranch SheShed cabin (4m x 3m) right in your own home. This is what David…

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Stephanie's Craft Cottage And Entertainment Area

Located in the beautiful state of Queensland, Stephanie loves her "Craft Cottage" which has been beautifully built on the corner end of her section by overarching trees - her cabin…

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Arron's Mighty "He" Shed - The Ultimate Tool Shed!

Just wow. This has got to one of the finest "He" sheds we have seen! Based in New South Wales, Arron had a problem where had so many tools, building…

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A Stunning Garden Art Studio For Lesley

Based in beautiful Canterbury, Lesley and David decided to add a space that could be used as a functional art studio as well as a relaxation spot. "We located the…

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The Queen's Parlour - Andrea's Lavish Reading Room!

Well this is a feast for the literary imagination! We are so impressed by Andrea's "Queen's Parlour," where she has established a very deluxe reading room! Andrea needed a retreat…

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Family Fun With Garden/Pool Storage, Plus Workshop

When you need a storage area for the pool equipment, garden tools and just a general area to tinker away in - what do you do? Normally, an ordinary boring…

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Holidays Are Everyday At Mark And Tracy's Poolside Cabin!

Imagine living in a gorgeous, warm location in New South Wales - surrounded by blissful trees and jaw dropping views overlooking the ocean. There is also a scrumptious outdoor entertaining…

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Jo-Anne's Flower Arranging Studio In The Tasman SheShed

We are so impressed with Jo-Anne and her steps towards building her own floral farm flower business! Based in the sunny and fruit growing region of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand,…

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An Artist's Creative Getaway Retreat!

Situated in South Australia and living on a stunning property overlooking a golf course, Liz and Andy decided to add a feature to the garden as well as a retreat…

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Shed Ideas for Your Backyard

Inspirational shed ideas are changing how we view our backyards. No longer just storage space, sheds are now creative extensions of our homes, providing a seamless flow of indoor-to-outdoor living. Whether envisioning a tranquil retreat or a practical workshop, the right shed design ideas can turn your garden into an oasis of creativity and relaxation.

Transform Your Garden with Shed Ideas

The beauty of garden shed ideas lies in their versatility. The possibilities are endless, from timber sheds that blend seamlessly with nature to modern kit sheds, New Zealand-wide, that offer sleek lines and efficiency. Tailor each design to suit your specific needs, whether for a hobby, work, or leisure.

Personalise Your Space with Our Beautiful Shed Ideas

Our stunning and cool shed ideas offer unique and personalised spaces beyond the conventional. Imagine a tiny shed transformed into a vibrant art studio or a home library with a cosy reading nook. These spaces can reflect your personality and passions, turning an ordinary shed into your personal haven.

Shed Studio Ideas for Creative & Functional Cabins

Need a dedicated space for creativity or work? Explore how our clients have crafted those spaces for themselves. Our cabins have served as a music studio for budding musicians and as a flower arrangement workshop nestled between fruit trees. There are infinite ways you can use our kit sheds in New Zealand. All you have to do is equip your cabin with all your essentials. Your shed studio becomes a place of inspiration and productivity with a well-planned setup.

Designed to be modern, customisable and easy to assemble, our kit sheds are ideal for extensive uses. Browse our shed studio ideas to see how you can tailor our cabins to fit your requirements.

Maximise Your Space with Our Shed Setup Ideas

Make your optimal use of your space with practical shed setup ideas. The organisation is vital to ensuring your shed meets every need. When storing your tools in our timber sheds, consider adding shelves, a peg board and comfortable seating. Incorporating smart storage solutions and having an efficient layout will create a seamless workflow. A well-planned arrangement can turn your shed into a multi-functional hub. With our shed studio ideas, make your shed kits an everyday workspace and a granny flat cabin with a loft bed for overnight guests.

Why Choose SheShed to Realise Your Shed Design Ideas?

Sophisticated & Durable

Make your dream shed ideas into reality with our timeless sheds, crafted to blend durability with visual appeal. These sheds can be the perfect backdrop for various shed ideas, from an elegant garden shed bar for backyard entertainment to creating a second income stream with cabins for Airbnb. These sturdy structures will complement your outdoor space. Customise them to match or contrast your existing home’s exterior with paint and window trimming options.

Compact & Easy Solutions

Our cabin kitsets with the right shed idea can be a versatile addition to your property. Use it as a creative hobby studio or functional pool storage sheds. Our extensive range consists of several sizes you can choose from to go as compact or spacious as you’d like. Without extreme construction, they can be a DIY project or a quick build with a builder or tradesperson.

Are you seeking an escape from the hustle of daily life? Our off-grid cabin, New Zealand-wide, is an ideal shed idea. These sheds can be equipped with modern amenities so you can enjoy a peaceful escape in nature. Off-grid cabins provide a unique and sustainable living option, whether it's a weekend getaway or a permanent residence.

Entertain in Style

With our shed pool house ideas, you can transform your outdoor area into a stylish and functional space. These sheds can serve as a convenient changing area, a poolside lounge, or storage for pool equipment. With the right design, a shed pool house can become an attractive focal point in your garden.

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