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Why Would You Rent A Cabin When You Can OWN One?

Having a SheShed is a great way to add some space onto your property to accommodate that extra family member, dream business, home office, therapy room, kits retreat... whatever your imagination desires, a SheShed is a fantastic solution! One of the best aspects of getting a SheShed is that once you have it, the cabin is officially YOURS!

Here are some fantastic reasons why owning a SheShed is a great option over renting a generic cabin...

No Rental Fees - Save Your Money!

Buying a SheShed is a relatively straightforward process compared to renting a similar size cabin. You can rent a cabin for an average of $100 per week. If you own a SheShed, it would cost you just over two years of that same rent to actually own your cabin forever! Buying a SheShed straight out is a great way to save your dollars in the long run and enables you to gain a very valuable asset that YOU own.

No Nasty Contracts, Bonds Or Minimal Rental Periods

Once you buy and pay for your SheShed, the cabin is yours. There are no extra ongoing payments or penalties on top of that. You do not sign any tricky or complicated contracts with us at all, and if you construct and maintain your SheShed within our guidelines, then you also get a five year warranty with us. This warranty is also offered at no extra cost to you!

Paint It The Colour You Like

You have an amazing SheShed cabin of your own! Unlike a rental cabin, you can avoid your cabin looking like a sore thumb on your property. Get out your dream colours and start painting! You can create the cabin to match the colour scheme of your home so it looks like an extension of your property, or you can make it a dream escape getaway. We encourage our customers to put their designer hats on and get creative. So go on, go crazy with painting your cabin in whatever colours you like … we dare you!

You Can Personalise Your Cabin

Isn't it annoying when you can't add some personality to a rental cabin? They all look the same, and you can't do anything about it. You're the one using the cabin, you should be able to make it yours! Firstly choose a style that you like - our SheShed Cabins are NOT boring boxes. Bring out that bespoke light fixture that you want to install, add lots of power points for your gear, create a feature wall, install a hanging pot plant and nail that electric guitar to the wall! We encourage our customers to personalise their SheShed and we embrace a splash of character.

Place It Exactly Where You Like On Your Property

Rentable cabins often need a decent access area to get onto your property. This often means that when it does arrive, it may not be able to get to the ideal spot that you had in mind. Luckily, a SheShed is a kitset cabin that is delivered right where you want, and then you can build it on the exact site that you had planned for on your property. This means you can choose the aspect, access point, where the windows ideally face, and positioning for the sun.

You Can Move Your SheShed With You

Whether you are placing your cabin on a rental property, or you need to change the location of your SheShed down the track, know that our cabins can be portable! This means that you do not have to fix it permanently into the ground and can place it on a foundation like bearers, piles, a concrete slab or even skids. You can relax knowing that your SheShed can be portable and easily moved one day without a worry.

It Can Add Value To Your Home

A house that comes with a beautiful SheShed Cabin is definitely a seller! It can work as a sleepout, Airbnb option, spacious home office or even a kids retreat for some people. Whatever the next purchaser reimagines the SheShed to be, they know that they can easily make it happen with a space that is very welcoming and ready to go. What a bonus!

No Consent Needed From The Council (NZ)

In New Zealand you can place a SheShed on your property without a consent from your local council. As long as you are not installing any kitchen, bathroom or any plumbing amenities, and you are building your SheShed off the boundary, you're all good to go! Check our our handy blog: Do I need council approval or building consent in NZ? for more information.

Forget Renting And Grab A SheShed Of Your Own Today:

Star Cabin (Treated)

9 square meters

3m wide x 3m long
2.8m tall • 28mm walls
Treated timber


green shed au

Cabana Cabin

12 square meters

3m wide x 4m long
2.8m tall • 28mm walls
Treated timber


Tussock Cabin

8.75 square meters

3.5m wide x 2.5m long
2.47m tall • 45mm walls
Untreated timber


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