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Our Favourite 5 SheShed Customer Small Businesses

In the world of creative entrepreneurship, the SheShed has emerged as a haven for small business owners to pursue their passions, cultivate ideas, and bring their visions to life. These…

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Our Favourite 5 SheShed Customer Home-Offices

With the shift toward more people working from home since Covid-19, we have seen so many SheShed customers create beautiful home offices inside our wooden cabins. In a fast-paced world…

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The 8 Best SheSheds for our 8th Birthday!

In celebration of our 8th Birthday milestone, we decided to share the 8 top-rated cabin types, as voted by our amazing team who have a wealth of SheShed knowledge! Whether…

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Choosing The Best Layout For Your SheShed (Large Cabins)

So you are looking to buy a SheShed to add onto your property, but you have no idea as to what to place inside it yet, or you are not…

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Our Favourite 5 SheShed Customer Sleepouts

Here at SheShed we are always inspired by the number of beautiful Sleepouts popping up across the Trans-Tasman inside our wooden Cabins! It brings us joy to see how each…

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SheShed and the Barbie Movie: Empowering Spaces for Imagination

SheShed flat pack wooden cabins have become a popular trend over the years. Known for providing beautiful spaces for women to have as their own; to create, to dream, and…

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Running A Dream Business In Style With A SheShed!

If you are looking to start a home business or establish a work-from-home office with a SheShed - you might as well do it in style! Most independent businesswomen design…

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How A She Shed Is The Perfect Investment for New Zealand Homeowners In 2023

This blog is specially crafted for individuals like you who own property in this beautiful country. In the midst of a recession and uncertain economic times, investing in home improvements…

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The 5 Best SheShed Cabins For Hobbies

Everyone needs a special place for their hobby! Whether it is an art or music studio, reading room, yoga space, sewing room, craft area, relaxation room or even a man…

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The 5 Best SheShed Cabins For Businesses

If you are thinking of running a business from home or are needing a starting point without paying expensive commercial shop leases, a SheShed is the perfect solution! You can…

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The 5 Best SheShed Cabins For Accommodation

There is no doubt that a SheShed Cabin is a great option for getting an area for accommodation, bedroom, or sleepout established right on your property. You can place the…

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The Nelson Star SheShed - Our Top Styling Tips For Success!

Based in beautiful and sunny Nelson Tasman, New Zealand, the SheShed office has recently given the Star display cabin a spruce up! Situated inside the office, the 3m x 3m…

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